Local delights touched lightly

At Waimarino, our passionate team of chefs and gardeners is led by the ethos:

- Insanely fresh

- Sustainably grown

- Locally sourced 

- Touched lightly

We think this is what allows the true beauty of an ingredient to sing.

Our kitchen is supplied by our on-site kitchen garden and orchard. We are supported by local farmers and fishermen that we call our friends, in short, we are more than a little passionate about this stuff… Some might say obsessed ;>)

Guests can experience the tactile pleasure of roaming the gardens with our chefs, selecting produce for your meals, whilst gaining a deeper understanding of the ingredients and our connection to land, season, and soil.

Our more adventurous guests may be inclined to catch their meal. Our local guides will take you on the adventure of a lifetime, into the backcountry to some of the world’s most pristine waterways, and assist you in catching a wild trout that will be prepared in a way you’ll never forget. It’s up to you how you’d like your catch prepared, cooked over fire and coals on the lake edge or in one of our wood-fired ovens. Or maybe you’d like to try our amazing 4-hour cold smoke served with fresh salad hand-selected from our garden?

Did we mention fire, the kitchen team is rather consumed by the way in which fire can transform a meal. Be it the wood we use, the smoke flavors we get from different woods, the heat of the coals… we believe food tastes better when cooked over fire. Try a pan-cooked steak versus one seared over manuka wood and you’ll be building your own fire at home in no time. 

We like to give our guests the opportunity be a part of the culinary experience, we encourage you to get hands-on, come help the chef turn the meat and vegetables oil the fire if you like, understand what heat and flame do to various foods, trust us, it tastes better when you are a part of the process.

Can’t wait to see you in the garden…