Luxury can be sustainable

Tread Lightly

our sustainability

At the core of our “why” Is the coalescence of luxury and sustainability. 

We strive to lead the way in conscious sustainable developments and don't believe luxury needs to be sacrificed. All development decisions from initial planning through to the daily servicing at Waimarino are made to minimise our footprint on our precious planet. 

Our off-grid technology and the implementation of green practises across all areas of our operation will see Waimarino set a new standard in high-end eco-centric accommodation. 

At Waimarino we believe it is time for change and innovate when it comes to luxury accommodation. This is why we have a “Carbon Neutral” goal in place to be met by 2024.

Some of the practices we implement to achieve a high green standard; 

 In the planning and construction phases; 

  • No VOC natural paints.
  • Accoya timber that uses no chemicals in its treatment process
  • All LED lighting 
  • Prefabricated construction, reduces construction waste.
  • Mass timber construction to sequester carbon and reduce the embodied energy of selected materials.
  • Thermally broken aluminum joinery, to reduce heat loss and the need for heating. 
  • Waste minimization scheme to reduce construction waste.
  • Full life cycle assessment of materials from creation through to being returned to the earth.
  • Green roofs to reduce heating use/cost
  • Double glazing to retain heat and reduce the need for generated heat

In the daily operation of Waimarino; 

  • All facilities powered by solar power 
  • On-site waste disposal
  • Our restaurant is almost entirely supplied by our on-site garden and orchard, locally sourced meats and fish, or our farm. 
  • Restaurant waste is processed through compost and used to fertilise our kitchen gardens. 
  • No single-use plastic.
  • Chemical-free soaps and toiletries supplied for guests   
  • Electronic vehicles and bikes
  • Rain and lake water for guest and our use