Finding us... .

Promise me, we won't lose this

A place to find each other again

Sarah: “I don’t think I’m ready to leave,”

John: I know I feel the same, what’s happened here?

Sarah: I’m not sure but I haven’t felt like this in as long as I can remember.

John : Its good right?

Sarah: Its better than good, I feel lighter, I didn’t tell you but I’ve started drawing again, I haven’t done that in years. This time, this place, its changed me…

“I don’t want to lose what we have found here… Can you remember the last time we felt like this?

John: Yeah but that seem’s so long ago, it feels like that first camping trip we went on after we first met.

Sarah: Your right, wow that does seem like so long ago. Why don’t we do this more often?

John: We got into a rut didn’t we, we said we never would but this has shown me we did.

Sarah: I know we did, I've been wanting to say something for a while. I’ve been feeling flat and when you suggested this trip I thought maybe this is the chance we needed...

John: I haven’t laughed so much in ages, the helicopter, the bungy where all amazing but my memories wont be those moments. I’ll remember us skipping stones. I was treadful, that dinner around the fire, oh and that sunset walk…

 Sarah: For me it will be jumping off the wharf, that water was freezing but I felt so alive… oh and the afternoon in the row boat.

 John: I’m sorry babe we lost our way, I’m sorry I haven’t been at my best lately…

 Sarah: don’t be sorry babe, be that amazing man I feel in love with, be the person you’ve been this last week. I know work has been tough but look what’s inside you, you’re the most passionate person I know, you can do anything…